Hi, Welcome to my online studio!

My name is Adriano Di Mauro and I’m a 2D artist. My passions are illustration and animation which I have made them my job! I work as a freelancer and I create music artworks, visuals and animated spots. I’m also a musician and that’s why I love so much work on this sector.

I had the pleasure to work with Italian and international artists. For some artworks I started from scratch coming up with my own ideas for the concept, the storyboard and the animatic – you can watch Bartleby Delicate’s video for an example. I made the animated spot for Odyssey Collection by Andrea Branciforti in partnership with Orolavico and Balloon Project.

Recently, I had the magic experience to work on a videogame as a game artist and game designer for the Global Game Jam 2021.

Thank you for your interest, feel free to contact me for commissions or enquiries.